FishAct is a conservation movement of volunteers from all over Europe with the aim of preserving healthy oceans full of life. The voluntary fisheries observers, the Citizen Inspectors, go on undercover missions documenting and exposing illegal fishing activities in European fishing ports, markets and coastal areas. In addition, the organization organizes public events to raise awareness of overfishing and illegal fishing practices, inspiring a broad audience to make positive changes to move toward healthier oceans.

The FishAct logo is based on the gloomy prediction by Canadian scientist, that under a business as usual scenario all fish stocks will be depleted by 2048. As a symbol of decreasing fish stocks one fish will disappear from the logo every year, until all 30 fish will be gone in 2048. The good news: The negative process can be stopped and fish can return to the logo, by positive developments in conservation, fisheries policy and campaign achievements of FishAct.


FishAct e.V.
Gastfeldstraße 67
28201 Bremen

Phone: +49 (178) 319 64 37
E-Mail: info@fishact.org
Website: http://www.fishact.org
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @fishactorg

FishAct e.V. is a registered charity in Bremen (VR 7961 HB)
Board of directors (§ 26 BGB): Valeska Diemel, Katia Schmidt, Sofiene Zerelli

Donations account:
DE34 8309 4495 0003 3437 58

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