• FishAct @ Artifishal Film Screening Frankfurt

    The migration of salmons is one of nature's most dramatic and exciting journeys. Born in rivers, they migrate to the ocean to grow up and eventually return to the same river they were once born to reproduce. By polluting rivers and blocking the salmons' migration routes with dams, humans have now pushed this fish species to the brink of extinction. Artifishal is a documentary by Patagonia about people, rivers and the fight for the future of wild fish and the environment.

  • FishAct @ forumscamp

    From the 16. - 19.05.2019 outdoor and nature lovers from Germany are getting together to spend a weekend in nature and share experience and stories. We'll be joining this event and holding a workshop on the ocean and overfishing to inspire a new audience to protect what they love. Visit www.outdoorseiten.net to find out more.

  • Ghostnet surveys in the Baltic Sea with scientific divers and NGOs

    Today the Scientific Diving Association Kiel, OneEarth OneOcean and FishAct kicked off the ghostnet surveys in the Baltic Sea. With a larger scientific vessel of OEOO and a smaller RIB of FishAct the divers could retrieve several ghostnets. These lost fishing nets continue to kill marine wildlife for decades if they are not collected and disposed.

  • FishAct kicks off it’s work in The Netherlands with a new team

    Today several activist met in Amsterdam for a kick-off meeting to start a network of FishAct in The Netherlands. First steps will include translating flyers and social media content in Dutch, before we will start a series of events and public talks around the country.

  • EU bans electric pulse fishing

    After a long and hard fight NGOs finally succeeded as the EU voted for a complete ban of electric fishing today. Electric pulse fishing is a very destructive fishing method with unknown long-term impacts on the seabed and benthic species. After years of campaigning the NGO collective pushed for an end of this method before it even started!

  • FishAct donates old merchandise to refugee center

    Today activists of FishAct have donated over 200 T-Shirts and hoodies to Hanseatic Help, a NGO distributing clothing to refugees in Hamburg. Due to the rebranding the old merchandise could not be sold and used for ocean conservation, but will help another important cause!

  • Investigating illegal bottom trawling in the gulf of Gabès, Tunisia

    In October 2018 a team of four Citizen Inspectors from three different countries gathered in Tunisia. Their aim was to investigate the use of illegal bottom trawls, locally referred to as “Kiss” (“bag” in Arabic), in the Gulf of Gabès and to count the vessels equipped with the prohibited gear to provide a realistic estimation of the total number of illegal trawlers operating in the area.

  • The Encyclopedia of Fish

    We are very excited to announce a new project, that will help to highlight the beauty and importance of fish. The Encyclopedia of Fish will give you an idea how amazing and interesting fish species really are.

  • Crowdfunding campaign to save Europe's swordfish

    In September 2018 a small team of FishAct is heading to Sicily to document and expose the illegal catch of juvenile swordfish. Swordfish are large ocean predators and extremely important for the ecological balance of the ocean. Over the last decades the population of swordfish in the Mediterranean has been decreasing by nearly 70 %, due to overfishing and the illegal catch of juveniles.

  • Art for ocean conservation - with Florian Schalinski

    Florian Schalinski, a Borkum-based media designer and illustrator, always had a special relationship to the ocean. Growing up in a marine region, he knows at first hand what happens on the spot and how the pollution increasingly affects the beachside. That’s why, three years ago, he decided to use his artistic talents to support FishAct. Since then we are happy about Florian's graphics and illustrative support and his strong will to change something.

    We hope that many people will follow his example. Every commitment helps us to prevent the extinction of fish in 2048.

  • Fish dependence day

    On the 3rd of May FishAct took part in an event in Bremen to highlight the Fish Dependence Day 2018, which falls on the 4th of May in Germany. During this public event fisheries scientists, policy experts and NGO experts from 8 different institutes and organization discussed the future of fisheries in the EU.